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TransformationStarts With You
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Hi, I am so glad you have arrived. I welcome you to a unique opportunity to become the best of yourself. Imagine going through life with more ease, having the secrets to relationships at your fingertips, knowing how to keep calm and have perspective even during the most trying times. Imagine getting along with even the most difficult people, knowing how to say 'no' graciously and still be accepted and included. Imagine learning how to take time for yourself, choose wisely, deal with stress in constructive ways. Imagine moment-to-moment ability to access your own inner resources for every situation and every relationship. Imagine letting go of anxiety and healing depression. Yes, it's possible. Imagine living connected to your inner world as you freely express yourself in the outer world through fluid experiences. Imagine aligning your being with your doing with purpose, direction, and love. Imagine healing or becoming whole.

Can't wait to meet you,


Founder of Embodied Intelligence Psychotherapy®

Board Certified Psychotherapist

Certified Somatic Practitioner

Movement/Dance Therapist