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Love, Marriage, Family & Relationships

To the degree we love ourselves and practice love with innate abilities such as empathy, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness we impact our own life, health, and happiness and those of others. Love is the primary human experience of feeling alive, whole, and healthy. It is our birthright.


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If Love is our birthright, why are relationships so challenging? For one, there's a rivalry between our natural fear-based bias to protect ourselves from danger and the equally powerful need to stay connected to each other - not easy to be vulnerable and feel safe at the same time. It is critical for our own health and the health of relationships to mindfully balance and find a working flow between the two rivalries. 

When out of balance, the shadow, or darker side of human nature expresses itself, and behavior is devoid of love, respect, and good judgment. It lives in fear and aggression, constantly seeking control & power over others. Taming your own aggressor from self-sabotage to hurting others, is a challenge for all humankind - A challenge that can be met with Love - compassion, kindness, and a great dose of skilled self-awareness. 

Relationship counseling first and foremost should be a place of safety and unconditional support. But it should also be a place for resolution, insight, and understanding - a place for healing. In the process, participants clarify their role and responsibility in their relationship. They learn more productive ways to communicate, assert themselves, and resolve differences.

Embodied transformation meets the challenges relationships face with skilled awareness for self love and respect, and compassionate care for other. Healing is possible only when the body meets the mind and forms a balanced, insightful, and skilled ways of being and doing. Love comes in many shapes and sizes, you can choose to find the one that fits you.

The somatic approach facilitates participants in relationships to also become healers to each other, no matter the source of the wound. The process taps into physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational needs in communication to create wholeness and health.

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To live in love is life's greatest challenge. It requires more subtlety, flexibility, sensitivity, understanding, acceptance, tolerance, knowledge, and strength than any other human endeavor or emotion.
~ Leo Buscaglia

We welcome adult individuals, families, and couples, at any stage of relationship development. Programs for leadership and employee development are also available.


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