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Somatic-Movement-Studi0                 Join the movement toward radical self-care

Rhythm & Harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul - Socrates




A Self-Care Sanctuary of

Therapeutic Movement Practices

for your Mind, Body, and Soul

Focused on Expression, Introspection, A work-it-out Movement

 Bring Healing & Love to your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, & Relational Being

The Power & The Pleasure of Expression is in Movement 

We offer on-going classes as well as individual workshops on special topics. Some classes are offsite & reservations need to be made accordingly. All classes include some form or combination of creative, contemplative, and expressive arts. For more information email or call.

Class Etiquette

Wear comfortable clothing or yoga attire to all classes. Arrive 5 min before doors close and class starts to preserve the experience and integrity of the class for all. Silence your phone, take off shoes, and place in room with your other belongings. Once inside, please refrain from talking and just listen to the presenting mantra, music, or other instructions. Reservations are required. 

Classes are forming now. Remember, no experience of any kind is required. The focus is on expression, introspection, a work-it-out movement for health, not on performance. 


March  June 2020 Due to the Covid19 Virus, the studio will remain closed and all classes are suspended.. Please check in for change in schedule, which we all hope will happen sooner than later. Stay safe and healthy. 

Mindfulness-In-Motion® -  "Mantra. Meditation. Movement. Begins March 19th, 10 weeks. Check the Port Washigton school schedule for vacation breaks. No class on March 26. Thursdays 7:30-8:30 PM.  Location: YogaLife, Port Washington. Please register at YogaLife for this event. Payment is accepted on location. Drop-ins welcome.

April- June

Mindful-Meditation® - Cultivate a practice for peace of mind, calm body, and awakened spirit. Preregistration and payment is necessary, individual or series of classes are available. Register via website or directly at PayPal.com 
Weekly, Tuesday-Thursday 9am-10am, Tuesdays 6pm-7pm, Fridays 5pm-6pm.



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Neuroscience confirms that Movement/Dance:
  • is a great therapeutic resource as it reveals, heals, expresses
  • the most efficient stress management for your nervous system
  • is the most efficient in engaging the chakras & transforming energy
  • is the best exercise, a work-out for both mind and body
  • an antidote to the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, the 'new smoking disease'
  • stimulates the production of serotonin, the feel good hormone, reduces depression
  • protects brain function, particularly cognitive functions more than reading, crossword puzzles, & any other forms of exercise (Albert Einstein School of Medicine, 2019)
  • integrates different brain fucntions at the same time, making you sharper & smarter
  • creates new neural networks to keep you young, adding a protein that helps create a reserve of new nerve cells
  • brings mindfulness to a more tangible & effective level of existence & expression

Dance-Meditations® - "Tend & Befriend your Soul in Community"   ®

Ancient forms of dance were and still are spiritual celebrations in community. Celebrate your own inner spirit and move to a blend of easy to follow spiritual meditations and dances around the world.

Anthropological studies indicate that groups who were more likely to survive were those who had developed a particulae dance and were able to share their feelings through dance. 

Soma Soul® ~ "Somatic Expressive Therapy"® Silhouette of someone holding sun

A soul-centered mind-body healing modality in a group setting that integrates the power of Body-Centered Gestalt Psychotherapy with the heart of spiritual practice and the freedom of the expressive and creative arts. Shared experiences are healing. Self-disclosure not required. 

Embodied-Parenting® - "Aligned heart & mind" Man, woman, and baby hand on top of each other®
Parenting self-help information works when it fits your own ways of being. That requires the practice of being with self and child that is based on authentic embodied connection, the building block for sustainable relationship. We offer workshops for parents only, unless otherwise indicated. 

Join a 'baby & me' class to begin a lifelong process of connection to your child as transitioning through preverbal to verbal stages of development. Utilizing supportive discussion, applicable embodied skills & guided movement to soothing music & sounds, join a 'tend' & befriend' community of parents.

Couples-In-Motion® ~ The "Dance of Relationships"middle aged couple dancing
Learn new rules of engagement and connection with a gentle and guided mind-body practice. When you're all talked out, and not sure what's next, or looking to deepen your connection, create a unique shared healing experience in integrative expression & movement. Become each other's 'healer.'

Mindfulness-In-Motion® - "Mantra. Meditation. Movement" ®

Energize your intention and attention for creating moment-to-moment presence in experience. Calm the mind, relax the body, and awaken the spirit within. Transform stress to health.



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