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Stress, Trauma, Anxiety & Depression

End the vicious cycle now!  Stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression are at the core of inner turmoil not yet supported, not yet understood, and not yet constructively expressed - Still stuck! Clip art of depression text

Depression and anxiety are manageable and treatable conditions. The impact of stress and trauma are located both in the emotional and physical body and an integrative healing approach works best. With that said, it isn't always easy. Even when medication is indicated, research points to psychotherapy as the most effective form of treatment. Since science tells us that the brain is plastic or changeable, the mind and body respond more efficiently to somatic approaches, rather than to 'talk' therapy alone. Embodied Intelligence Psychotherapy® seamlessly blends the best of both worlds. Mindfulness, contemplative arts, creative arts, movement, are just a few of the techniques blended with tried and true cognitive-behavioral approaches in a forward-edge discovery and recovery.

If you've been feeling unhappy with any area of your life for any length of time and feel stuck in repetitive or unproductive outcomes, you know that the passing of time doesn't make things better. Gradually, you may come to believe that something is wrong with you and/or others, that you're not effective in your life, or that the odds are against you. Don't let this happen to you.

Complex and overwhelming emotions may feel like a combination of emptiness, numbness, loneliness, conflict, loss, sadness, anger, worry, disappointment or other energies that suck the life out of you and disconnect you from the natural motion of life. You may be stuck in grief, trying to suppress, avoid, postpone, procrastinate, push others away, self-medicate, over-think, worry, react, obsess, or be stuck in a variety of default approaches that may offer you temporary relief, but actually make things worse in the long run. Whether you're dealing with grief, loss of relationship, or inner conflict that does not go away long after the event that precipitated it, you will benefit from additional support. Long-term emotional distress creates more stress, and a vicious cycle can ensue. There's a better way. 

Please watch the video on PTSD, a more common reaction than people think. There's one error to be corrected soon. It is the Sympathetic, not the Parasympathetic nervous system that is activated. Happy family in field

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