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Welcome to Conscious Living

When talk therapy does not fully access or express experience, it's time for an integrative approach. The body and its complex systems of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and interpersonal expressions and motions reveal a deeper awareness of being and a more efficient path to healing. Here, you will tap into an endless resource process to move you forward.

Are you this client?

My clients are open to a blend of traditional and cutting-edge approaches to talk therapy and wellness that cultivates the power of experience in the moment, the only opportunity & invitation for transformation. 

Utilizing creative, contemplative, and expressive arts grounded in neuroscience, as well as cognitive behavioral psychology, clients tap into their own embodied intelligence - an accessible portal to not only the thinking mind, but also to the feeling body - a more holistic and more efficient resource system to resolve personal and interpersonal challenges. 

Make peace with and let go of 'what was,' support and accept 'what is,' and bring intentional participation into 'what will be.'

Transform chaos to calm, disorganization to organization, disintegration to integration, confusion to clarity, disconnetion to connection, illness to health, and fear to love. It's truly up to you.

Can't wait to meet you,


Request An Appointment or Just a Supportive Chat here  Due to the Covid19 Virus, my office is closed. I am available for phone sessions and I welcome FaceTime sessions as well. Stay safe and healthy, and don’t hesitate to reach out.


Founder of Embodied Intelligence Psychotherapy®

Board Certified Psychotherapist

Certified Somatic Practitioner

Certified Movement/Dance Therapist

Life and Wellness Coach

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